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This chapter offers recommendations for welcoming mediation participants and easing any tension that may exist upon arrival at the session. Chapter six looks at the "Storytelling Stage", which allows participants to tell their sides of the story without interruption.

Writing Peace Manual - Training Tools and Resources

The mediators then summarize the stories in their own words, which fosters understanding on the part of the mediator and other party. This stage, however, is mostly about ensuring that the mediators understand the disputants well. According to the authors, this will help the mediators be more successful in facilitating understanding between the disputants. This is normally the most challenging part of the mediation.

Manual on Police Monitoring, Mentoring and Advising in Peace Operations (2017)

This chapter outlines a six-step process to move through this difficult but hopefully transformative stage. Chapter Eight describes several more tools that may be applied in the problem-solving stage, such as joint problem analysis, separating causes from symptoms, trusting the proces, focusing on understanding, and using a caucus. Chapter Nine, still dealing with the four-stage model, explains the "Agreement" stage. This chapter warns against becoming too relaxed before the final details of how to implement the agreements are dealt with. The main point here is that all agreements should be fully worked out and finalized before the mediation is ended.

In addition, this chapter provides some specific advice on how to work through and write up the final agreement. Chapter Ten suggests some ways for working on letting go of the past and its legacy of wrongdoing and work toward reconciliation. Section Three describes various skills and tools that may be used in mediation. Chapter Eleven focuses on listening skills and the ability to paraphrase and summarize the stories of disputants in order to facilitate understanding and transformation of the conflict. Chapter Twelve briefly discusses the importance of grounding mediations in language, especially the type of language that is used and being perceptive of subtleties in the words of participants.

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In Chapter Thirteen, the manual suggests strategies for mediators to use when responding to the intense emotions of the disputants, such as ground rules, caucuses, and shuttle diplomacy. The final section and chapter considers the connection between the skillful use of mediation and the battle for healthy, happy communities and also "proposes that a common set of values and skills underlie peacebuilding in settings of both individual and group conflicts" The chapter essentially describes potential methods for developing a transformative community mediation process.

This manual provides an especially solid outline for teaching community mediation skills.


Resource: Peace Messengers Training Manuals | The Lutheran World Federation

Written by experienced trainers with worldwide experience, it is designed to be used by people who want to teach community leaders about mediation and conflict transformation. In addition to presenting key conflict resolution concepts, each chapter includes exercises to help teach the key ideas in ways that are experiential, and appropriate in a wide variety of settings.

Our inability to constructively handle intractable conflict is the most serious, and the most neglected, problem facing humanity. Solving today's tough problems depends upon finding better ways of dealing with these conflicts. Educators Consider a low-cost BI-based custom text. Constructive Conflict Initiative.

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  • Author: Center for International Peace Operations ZIF Publication Date: Description: This manual for trainers was created to assist gender mainstreaming efforts within the peacebuilding training community and is especially geared towards trainers who address personnel working in peace operations. Gender , democracy human rights and governance , peacebuilding , training package , center for international peace operations , ZIF , human rights , demobilization disarmament and reintegration , DDR.

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    A Manual for Peace
    A Manual for Peace
    A Manual for Peace
    A Manual for Peace
    A Manual for Peace
    A Manual for Peace

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