Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel

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Travis and Craig both have great lives, careers, and loves.

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But something is missing …. Travis is the first to figure it out. Not all books manage to stay on my favorites list because new and better ones come along, but your book is still there. The blurb states it but I want to say it again — the story is not told in a regular narrative style. I am not sure if it can be called an epistolary novel, because it does not only consist of letters. It has clips from imaginary newspaper articles, diary entries, memos that characters would write to their employees and letters to friends.

This is how the story is told, and if such a style does not work for you, you will not like this book. Otherwise I highly recommend buying this one the moment you finish reading this review. The first chapter introduces us to your seemingly standard characters from YA gay romance — jock and nerd. They become friends who want to know more about each other and learn more and more about each other, until they realize that they are in love with each other.

They get to their first kiss as Craig describes it to us:. First our noses touched and then I kissed him. I knew that was a mistake! This was a conspiracy! We learn that the guys had an amazing summer together after they graduated high school but eventually drifted apart because they went to different colleges.

However, instead of continuing the story chronologically, the second chapter flashes forward twenty years to and we are now introduced to Travis as a college professor. I hope this can give you a little glimpse of Travis as a history college professor.

After that chapter we meet Craig, who in the year is an attorney in a small private practice and who seems to have a passion for changing the world around him. Craig also seems to credit Travis for instilling in him the desire to change the world. Clayton is just such a nice guy, someone who suffered an abusive childhood and is scared now that people whom he loves will leave him.

Clayton never sufficiently recovered, especially after old man died. It saves a lot of wear and tear on the heart.

Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel

He eventually realizes that he never forgot Craig and starts a crazy adventure of trying to find Craig and see if the love they shared can be rekindled twenty years later. But he still has my heart — and if he is not using it, I want it back. Somehow I never got around telling him that. Travis eventually finds Craig, I do not think I will spoil anything by telling you this, but the little complication is that Craig, while not being able to forget Travis altogether is also genuinely in love with Clayton, who as I said before is a kind, generous soul.

I will not tell you what happens, but there is a happy ending for everybody. I can tell you that amongst many other things that I think Steve Kluger did so well, this book completely spoiled me for the resolution of the love triangle. I hate love triangles in most stories, especially if everybody is good people, because I do not want to see anybody broken hearted. I sigh happily every time I reread the ending of this book.

I also think that this story mixed humor and serious things really well — as the reader learns about the lives Craig and Travis lived apart for twenty years we of course hear about the AIDS epidemic for example. How could we not hear about it, since it affected them and their friends so much?

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But I never felt that the writer used a heavier touch describing it than the rest of the book and for me it worked perfectly. I have to admit, I think everything worked perfectly for me in this book. The characters I can never forget and want to imagine that they are living their lives helping people around them.

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The writing style, the humor, I liked it all. Sirius started reading books when she was four and reading and discussing books is still her favorite hobby. In fact, she loves every book written by Tamara Allen.

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Donovan and many others. Sirius also loves travelling, watching movies and long slow walks. This sounds great, Sirius. Sort of epistolary novels have always appealed to me. Now to wait for a sale. This review might give me the kick to move it to the top of the pile. Sounds fabulous. Like Darlynne, I love epistolary novels.

This sounds a little bit like one of my favorite books of all time, Possession by A. Just about the happiest book I have ever encountered, plus I am a sucker for any kind of epistolary novel. Way to go, Craigo! Three weeks ahead of the curve, Travis Puckett is the first to submit his completed Senior Project to Mr. Naylor and the English Department. Puckett -- this year's Sheet Monitor in the dorm's laundry room -- has titled his thesis, "Put the Blame on Mame.

Under the capable direction of art teacher Pauline Hawkins, the musical will run for three performances during the weekend before commencement. Though the leads have already been cast sorry, guys , Mrs. Hawkins advises this reporter that "we still need a stage crew. All others will be drafted. Note to Mr. Naylor: I'm pretending it's being written for the Village Voice, so there may be some profane words in it. But not alot.

Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel
Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel
Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel
Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel
Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel
Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel

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