Attaining to the Inheritance

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An example of such a condition is the need to obtain a certain age. A vested interest will exist if a person has a certain interest in the property being gifted even if the gift is postponed or delayed. Careful drafting is needed to create a contingent interest under a will. Because the child reaching 25 is a condition precedent and, in the event that the child passes away prior to attaining this age another beneficiary will become entitled, the child does not hold a vested interest in the gift and has no immediate entitlement.

The courts have upheld wills drafted in this way, making this a good strategy for those who would prefer that their children do not inherit wealth before they are ready.

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You will need an experienced lawyer to draft a clause which contemplates a contingent interest. If this is to occur your child can challenge your will to inherit as soon as they turn 18, and not when you desire them to. There can be other consequences of creating a contingent interest and advice should be taken when you are making your will to make sure it reflects your wishes.

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Our vision is to seek to provide advice and solutions that deliver redemptive, just and restoring outcomes, bringing order out of the chaos in this world. Phone 07 Fax 07 Email enquiry corneyandlind. Facebook-f Instagram Youtube Twitter Linkedin. Can I prevent my children from receiving their inheritance until they are 25 years old? Well, then, being yourselves favored and chosen, why do you not take hold upon the glorious estate which belongs to the chosen family. No part of Scripture is of private interpretation: no bit of the promised country may be hedged in as the peculiar portion of a few; for it all belongs to all the redeemed if they have but faith to make it their own.

Do not hedge about the word spoken of the Lord, and say, "Ah! Hsa Although choice words were first of all spoken to this man or that, yet were they spoken for all believing people throughout all time. In the holy heritage all who have Christ have all that Christ brings with him. Take possession of the whole territory of grace which the Lord has dedicated to your use. There is your land, but Jordan rolls between. The first thing to do in this matter is to go over this Jordan.

What do we mean? Out in the wilderness as a seeker, whose faith does not enter in, you are like a sheep which wanders from the fold, and you find little rest. You are apt to be numbered with the Bedouin of the desert, and not with the people of the Lord. Come out from the world, and be separate. The land of gracious experience is meant for you to dwell in, so that you may be recognized as the Lord's peculiar people, separated unto the Most High.

Are you ready to come right out, to be settled in Immanuel's land, to break every link with "the world which lieth in wickedness"? I have heard a great deal of talk about this separation, but I have seen these very talkers hesitate when the decisive act of separation from false doctrine and unholy living has been expected of them. I pray you hear the divine voice, which crieth, "Come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and.

On the other side of Jordan is your portion, and not in the wilderness of Sin. Did I hear you say to yourself, "Suppose I am beaten? The river effectually bars all retreat. Are you willing to make a life decision? Will you draw the sword and burn the scabbard?

It is death or glory with you. May you have grace to take the one irreversible step, and be the Lord's, wholly and only, for ever! You can never take the kingdom of grace until with deliberate resolve you quit the sand of the desert for the soil of Canaan.

A balloon cannot go up into the sky until the last rope is cut. Oh, for that sharp, decisive step, by which, like Abraham, you come out from your father's house that you may be a sojourner with God in the land which his grace will show you. Having decided for the Lord, you are next to take possession by an act of simple faith.

The Lord says to you, "Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you. I delight in that word of the Lord to Jacob, when he lay asleep, "The land whereon thou liest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed. Every place in the grace country upon which the sole of your foot shall tread is yours.

You will remember that the Red Indians agreed to sell to William Penn as much land as a man could walk round in a day; and I do not wonder that at the end of the day they complained that the white brother had made a big walk. I think I should have put my best leg foremost, if whatever I could put my foot upon would be mine; would not you? Why, then, do you not hurry up in spiritual matters? Do you value earthly things more than spiritual? Mark, then, that if you put your foot down upon a blessing, and say, "This is mine," it is yours. What a very simple operation is the claim of faith!

You do not want to pass through the Universities to learn that: it is grasping with the hand, or appropriating with the foot. Many of the Lord's poor and unlearned ones obtain more from the promise than the more cultured ever do. The learned man lifts his head up, but the simple put their foot down; and this last is the way to the inheritance. By criticism you may put your foot in it, but by faith you put your foot on it. Strangers cavil, children claim. He that can trust his Lord may say, "In the name of the living God this blessing is mine.

Lay your claim to all that is put within your reach in Scripture; this is the victory that overcometh the world, and conquereth Canaan, even our faith.

But the Canaanite was there! Yes, I know it; but you see he had no right there: the Lord had outlawed him. The land was Israel's by the Lord's gift, and they had a right to fight for the possession of their own estates.

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They first put their foot on it, and it was theirs; and then they said to the aboriginal Canaanites, "Clear out"! The old nations had forfeited their lease through breach of covenant, and they were therefore to give up possession to the incoming tenants, whose right was indefeasible. God's people are in conflict with sin, and they carry out this war vigorously when they have first seen their right to the blessings of grace, as given them of the living God.

You may not claim a piece of land unless you are sure that it is really yours; you are a thief if you do. But when you are sure that an estate is rightfully yours, then you commence your action, and strive to win it, In spiritual things, waive no spiritual right. Say to sin, that now mars your peace, "Peace is mine, clear out! God, the sovereign possessor of all things, has given us our redeemed nature, to have and to hold for his glory, and we mean to have it!

Each blessing is yours, since you put the foot of faith upon it; but the actual enjoyment of it will need a struggle. Break their images, and cut down their groves. They must be driven out at the sword's point. You have God's help with you in this holy battle. Your warfare will be accomplished, for the Lord himself has said, "There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life: as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee. I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.

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I long to encourage you, my friends, to carry on this sacred crusade. I would have you grasp all which the hand of love holds out to you.

Bowie: A Novel

Need I urge you? If there be such need, you are in a sorry way. I do not believe that if I should read from this pulpit that my friend John Smith, over there, had been left five thousand acres of land, I should require to follow him home to persuade him to go and look at it. If my sister yonder received a notification that a very nice little estate had been left her in the country, I do not believe I need beg her to look after it. She would take an early train to-morrow morning to go and look over her farm. Brethren, here is an inheritance so broad, and wide, and lasting; why do you not hasten to take it?

There is holiness, do you not want it? There is serenity, do you not desire it? There is joy unspeakable and full of glory, do you not wish for it? There is usefulness, do you not hunger for it? This is the reason why some are so indifferent: they are ignorant: they do not even know that these choice blessings are to be had. But all that any child of God was, you may be; all the joy, and bliss, and holiness ever enjoyed on earth, you may enjoy.

The land is before you; go in to possess it.


Do not be without the knowledge of Christ Jesus your Lord, for in him is "joy unspeakable, and full of glory. The doctrines of grace are the cream which many cautious preachers skim from the milk of the Word lest it should prove too rich for the stomachs of their hearers.

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A solid portion of Calvinistic doctrine is like a joint of nourishing meat, and the people of this generation are such babes that they cannot digest it. It is too rich for me! I know it, I know it. But I pray the Lord to make you grow into men, who can enjoy the fat things full of marrow, and the wines on the lees well refined. There are glorious truths of which beginners know nothing, and through not knowing of them they miss much joy.

Full many a child of God goes fretting and worrying when he ought to be singing and rejoicing, and would be so if he knew what God has provided for him. Many do not possess the land because of unbelief. Yes, that is quite true; but are you going to sing that one line for ever? Is that your style of singing? If our leader, just now, when we sang the hymn, had kept on with-"Behold, what wondrous grace! You are empty, but Jesus fills you.

You are in prison, but Jesus sets you at liberty.

Attaining to the Inheritance Attaining to the Inheritance
Attaining to the Inheritance Attaining to the Inheritance
Attaining to the Inheritance Attaining to the Inheritance
Attaining to the Inheritance Attaining to the Inheritance
Attaining to the Inheritance Attaining to the Inheritance

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