Can He be the One?

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Great blog post! A couple weeks ago I expressed interest in and started dating one of my best friends. He fits every single one of these traits. Is it possible my feelings could change and I could learn to develop romantic feelings for him?

Is He The One? 5 Questions to Know for Sure (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

Hey Nicole, thanks for sharing this. I commend you for honestly admitting that you made a decision out of loneliness. Hopefully, you will be able to stay friends after.

I am wanting some Godly advice as to what I should do with my friend. I have known my best friend for well over 17 years plus but in that time frame we lost touch for whatever reason we both have married and have kids and recently reconnected earlier this year and since then we have created an emotional bond and there has been a physical and sexual attraction. I have been lead by the Holy Spirit to pray for him everyday. Great post. I have been dating a guy from a completely different country Africa who is a Pastor.

I am having to find out cultural differences and learning what is cultural and what is his character He is so humble and has integrity and makes time when he can but it is very hard.

Is He Or She The One? 7 Signs That This Person Could Be The Love Of Your Life

I have got so much from this post Thank you. Hi Justine — I loved your article. He has not taken that step, but I still feel very anxious and unsure about our relationship. Any tips you have? Hi Haylee sounds to me like your body is telling you what you have been sending all along — that he is not the right man for you. You have to understand that our mind will protect us from anything that harms us, meaning that if you subconsciously fear that he is not good for you and are stressed about it, it will induce stress hormones that can look like anxiety.

You are only hurting yourself by staying.

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I suggest you truly pray and fast about the relationship and find out what God is telling you to do. The man I met a year and a half ago meets and exceeds your list. He clearly stated he has prayed for the Lord to bring his future wife from our first date. I have also. We love the outdoors and spend every free moment in the mountains.

He is my best friend. But I have zero romantic attraction — zero. He is clearly attracted to me romantically. We have kissed and it was awful for me. Does anyone know what the Lord says? Please tell me, Lord. However, always remember that we are first and foremost brothers and sisters in Christ. If you decide to stay in that relationship even though you are not attracted to him and later on decide to break it off. You will hurt him a lot and that is a horrible thing to do to your brother in Christ.

So I suggest you go before God and ask him to show you ways to increase his attraction to you. I consider him Godly and mature. God is the best matchmaker i believe. Due to some circumstances that I had recently he returned with his quest. I know something for a fact that he lies a lot to impress me and in the meantime he started to pen up about some intimate details about him. Thank you. He knows I go to church and he asked if I prayed which allowed me to be happy cause I got to talk about it.

I feel God has us to be together for the long-term. I think he has his head in past hurt that may be stopping him. I truly love him as my friend, and pray God opens his heart to see what is right in front of him. I feel God sent us both to each other for restoration. Hey Tasia, it sounds to me like you might be holding on to someone who is trying to get away.

Signs he's definitely not "the one"

Even if the two of you are meant to be, it is best for you to stop pursuing this relationship until he comes around himself. Switch your focus to yourself and build up your confidence to attract a man that truly sees value in you. We talk daily. We are friends. We are enjoying what is presently manifesting whatever it is. Some people are hurt.

Is He The One?

I think we jump to conclusion in seeing the negative instead of manifesting the positive. Our words have power. Hi,Justine i have been dating my guy fr three years now but it got to a certain point everything changed.. Hey Bel, you need to make up your mind. Do you want to stay with your boyfriend or no? Because jumping from one relationship to the other, might not even be the best thing to do here. Hi I loved these key points and somebody came into my life that fits all of this but the thing concerning me is that I feel like we both are weak in the department of waiting until marriage.

You are independent.

Hi Christina, I completely understand your dilemma. Boundaries you discuss with your boyfriend and agree upon together. He is loving, caring, loves God respects me, motivates me to keep praying, motivates me to keep on loving God. We meet at church! He makes me feel good about myself and is so supportive even when I show some insecurity. Especially then, really. Maybe he is really not the one. Hey Brianna, I think you are confusing yourself at the moment. Take a deep breath and rest assured that if he is interested in you, shy or not, he will take you out. There are ways you can practice being a little more outgoing, but never assume that being shy is a bad thing. My fiance and I met online 10 months ago.

I initiated the relationship. Which bothered me but maybe is not a big deal. He let me know right away he was still married but just looking to meet or chat and wanted me to know he was still married. I am a christian and he claims to be as well. OUr relationship has had some rough spots. He would say its been amazing. I am very close to the Lord and value my relationship with God more than anything. My question is this. Now that I am engaged I have been waking up with unsettling anxiety. He adores me. He takes me to church.

He puts me first. He knows the bible well.

You don't appreciate each other's quirks

But I see some patterns of inconsistancy with his lifestyle that really concern me. I was brushing it aside because he would tell me things like he has been married before that is why it is hard for him to not make out with me etc. I believe in sexual purity before marriage as it is a mark of being justified by your faith and truly desire to serve god.

He does not get uncomfortable talking about god. He says he is convicted too… but I wonder why he doesnt come to me and apologize for leading us into sin? The last time bothered me so much I told him I couldnt handle it anymore and he said it wouldnt happen again. How do i know if this man is really a christian? I feel like an idiot for saying yes when I have these doubts.

His good qualities are so good. I do not struggle with lust or masturbation and he says he does not either… but I can tell he struggles with it.

Can He be the One? Can He be the One?
Can He be the One? Can He be the One?
Can He be the One? Can He be the One?
Can He be the One? Can He be the One?
Can He be the One? Can He be the One?

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