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Split-interest primer

Your assets are transferred to the trustee you choose.

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The assets are usually sold by the trustee and reinvested to match your income objectives. You receive fixed income for your life or a specified period of years.

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At your death or the end of the period, the remaining assets are transferred to the charity of your choice. Before you begin, you need to make sure your financial and legal advisors are part of your gift strategy team. A charitable remainder annuity trust can have an impact on other parts of your financial and estate plan.

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The professional staff at LDS Foundation can assist you and your advisors in the creation of trust documents. The income tax deduction you receive from a charitable remainder annuity trust is based on an Internal Revenue Service IRS formula that considers the ages of the donors and income beneficiaries, the payout of the trust, and an IRS index rate known as the Applicable Federal Rate AFR. The older you are, the larger your income tax deduction. Generally, if the trust is for a term of years rather than for life, the income tax deduction will be larger.

If the present value of the remainder interest equals at least 10 percent of the value of assets transferred into the trust, the trust will qualify as a charitable remainder annuity trust. Also, a federally imposed 5 percent probability test determines the viability of the trust assets supporting the annuity payments.

To qualify, the trust provision must meet this test. The trust provisions you have control of when drafting your charitable remainder annuity trust include:. Charitable remainder annuity trusts use a tier system in determining the taxation of trust income to income beneficiaries. Mutagenetix , APF.

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    The difference between CRUTs and CRATs

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    Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT)

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