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According to data released by the interior ministry, 2, migrants arrived in Italy by sea between January 1 and June 10, 85 percent fewer than those who arrived in the same period in , and 96 percent fewer than the year before. Salvini wasted no time in enforcing the new rules, and on Saturday announced he had signed a directive to "ban Sea Watch 3 from entering, transiting, and stopping in Italian waters, as required by the New Security Decree". Libyan authorities had allocated Libya's Tripoli as a safe port for the disembarkation of 53 people rescued by the Sea Watch vessel on Tuesday, but the German NGO instead headed for the Italian island of Lampedusa.

Once there, 10 women, children and men affected by serious health conditions were allowed to disembark. Toggle navigation. December 21, Archived from the original on October 6, Retrieved October 4, March 11, Retrieved April 26, Czech Radio. Czechoslovakia in World War II. Category Portal. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Long title Decrees of the President of the Republic.


Czechoslovak government-in-exile. Legal standing [1] Constitutional decrees Decrees. Issuance [1] Decrees issued by the Czechoslovak government-in-exile prior to 4 April Decrees issued by the Government in liberated Czechoslovakia after 4 April Territorial extent [1] Decrees concerning the Czechoslovak resistance in exile Decrees valid for the whole of Czechoslovakia Decrees valid for the territory of Bohemia and Moravia - Silesia i. Subject Decrees concerning administration political, economic, military, social, cultural, etc.

Decrees concerning retribution incl. Decrees concerning redress for war and occupation Czechoslovak foreign army, post-war reconstruction, punishment of criminals, etc. Decrees concerning nationalization notwithstanding ethnicity. Redress of war and occupation Restitution Retribution.

Antisemitic Legislation – | The Holocaust Encyclopedia

Invalidation of any property transfers that took place after 29 September under duress of occupation or as a consequence of national, racial or political persecution, and return of property to original owners. Establishment of national administration of factories and enterprises owned by "state-unreliable persons" i. Some parts of this decree regulating the restitution of the property confiscated by Nazis were reused by the Act No. In line with the Yalta Conference , most of Czechoslovakia was liberated by the Soviet army in Confiscation of agricultural property owned by Germans and Hungarians, [2] notwithstanding citizenship, with exception of those who actively took part in the fight for preservation and liberation of the state traitors and enemies of the state, notwithstanding ethnicity and nationality corporations which had served German war effort or other fascist or Nazi efforts.

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Apart from introducing harsher penalties for crimes committed after 21 May e. Establishes the authority of the President, subject to consent of the Government, to enact binding laws in the form of decrees for as long as the Parliament cannot perform its function. Promulgated on 15 October in London as No. December , republished pro forma in the collection as Act No.

Prolongation of effectiveness of Act No. Promulgated on 22 February in London as No.

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February , republished in the collection as Act No. Authorization of the Government to decide which of the laws promulgated during the time of exile in London shall be re-printed in the official collection of laws and thus remain in force in the postwar Czechoslovakia. Decree of the President concerning the repeal of the Act of 4 July No. According to Act No. German Nazi extermination of many Czechoslovak judges and their ban on studying law for Czech during the time of war led to need for longer service by remaining judges.

Legal framework for measures for the "return of all areas of the Czechoslovak republic to the original Slavic inhabitants. Concerns not only the Czechs and Slovaks expelled by the Germans and Hungarians from the borderlands following the Munich Agreement and First Vienna Award but also the new settlers in borderlands. Distribution of land which had not previously been distributed under Act No. Czechoslovak citizens of German or Hungarian ethnicity who had gained German or Hungarian nationality, lost Czechoslovak the same day, others lost Czechoslovak nationality on the day of promulgation of the Act.

Germans and Hungarians carried the burden of proof that they had remained loyal to the Republic unless they were members of the Czechoslovak army abroad or elected Czech or Slovak nationality during the occupation. Under Art. The request was to be decided by the Ministry of Interior. Later, in , Regulation No. The Ministry of Interior was bound to restore applicant's citizenship unless it could determine the applicant had breached their "duties of Czechoslovak citizen".

Until the end of , panels of 4 judges were to decide criminal cases where otherwise jury trials were appropriate. Establishment of the Interim National Assembly for the period until the National Assembly is elected in the general elections. Interim National Assembly consisted of Czechs and Slovaks elected by electors, who had been elected by local National Committees.

Slovak deputies had veto power over issues concerning Slovakia. Jews, former Czechoslovak legionaries in WW1 , masons, etc. Registration of damages caused by war operations, by occupation authorities or by others acting on their orders, due to persecution on political, national or racial grounds, or by terrorist actions of the enemy states or persons dangerous to the public. Annual wage of the Prime Minister Cancellation of appointments of employees of the state, regional and municipal administrations, public corporations and publicly owned companies, as well as teachers.

Governmental authority to execute treaty of 29 June , especially concerning ability of people living in Carpathian Rutheania to opt for Czechoslovak citizenship, derogation of constitutional rights in breach of the treaty. Among many other changes, appellate courts to act in panels consisting of three judges instead of previous 5, possibility of stopping criminal proceedings where the penalty would me minor compared to a sentence which the defendant is already serving, etc.

Regulations and Directives that were not promulgated in the Collection of Laws were promulgated in the Official List.. Work duty on repairing war damage; besides Germans and Hungarians who had lost citizenship, concerns also Czechs and Slovaks who had, unless under duress, applied for German or Hungarian citizenship during the occupation.

Work duty is subject to remuneration. See also Act No. Decree of the President concerning the change of the wage act of 24 June No. Governmental Regulation No. Following the Munich agreement thousands of Czech public employees lost their job in the borderland. For the sake of their employment in the inland the government of Second Republic dismissed all married women from the public service. Local authorities may request means of transport horses, cars from private owners for important reasons, e. Restoration of Czech judicial regions as they were prior to the Munich Agreement , abolition of German judiciary within the Czech lands. Czechoslovakia was administratively divided into lands: Bohemia , Moravia - Silesia , Slovakia ; the decree concerns only the former two, which were occupied by Germany.

Moreover, Slovakia, being part of Hungary prior to , had a different legal system stemming from Hungarian common law. Between the beginning and the end of the Summer Time was always introduced by the special order of the government or by decree. Cancellation of regulations and measures of the occupation authorities leading to dissolution of associations. Concerns especially soldiers fighting with Czechoslovak army units abroad or partisans. Russia maintains that under new rules put in place in , any vessel transiting the strait must seek permission 48 hours in advance.

Russia claims that two Ukrainian warships that passed through the strait on Sept. This time, according to the Russian account promulgated by the Federal Security Service, three Ukrainian ships on the Black Sea side of the strait sent word only at the last minute that they planned to transit. Worried about threats from Ukrainian extremists to sabotage the bridge, Russia accused the Ukrainian ships of executing dangerous maneuvers and closed the shipping lane for what it called security reasons.

Russia claims that it ordered the ships to leave, leading to the confrontation.

Ukraine denies that its two warships sought Russian permission to transit the strait in September, saying that it already had that right under the treaty. Since Ukraine does not recognize the annexation of Crimea, it maintains that the border between the two countries still dissects the Kerch Strait.

Russia broadcast what it called confessions from a few Ukrainian sailors who said the episode had been a deliberate provocation by their side. Ukraine condemned the statements as coerced and an abuse of war prisoners. But chances are high that all of this was done by some local general who just wanted to qualify for a promotion. Tensions have been building since at least March, when Ukrainian border guards impounded a Russian fishing boat and kept its crew until October.

Matters worsened in May, after the Kerch Bridge opened, when Russian border guards started inspecting foreign vessels navigating the Sea of Azov. Since then, Ukrainian and other foreign ships have been stopped. About 7 percent of Ukrainian exports, mainly steel and grain, flow out of Mariupol and other ports on the Sea of Azov, so the inspections have hurt trade.

So last September, Ukraine announced that it would create a naval base at the southeast port of Berdyansk on the Sea of Azov, dragging two small vessels overland and sending in two creaking warships.

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The Ukrainian fleet has basically been nonexistent since 70 percent of it was lost in when Russia seized Sevastopol, the Black Sea port on the Crimean Peninsula.

Decreed 5 Laws That Affects Your Life Decreed 5 Laws That Affects Your Life
Decreed 5 Laws That Affects Your Life Decreed 5 Laws That Affects Your Life
Decreed 5 Laws That Affects Your Life Decreed 5 Laws That Affects Your Life
Decreed 5 Laws That Affects Your Life Decreed 5 Laws That Affects Your Life
Decreed 5 Laws That Affects Your Life Decreed 5 Laws That Affects Your Life
Decreed 5 Laws That Affects Your Life Decreed 5 Laws That Affects Your Life
Decreed 5 Laws That Affects Your Life Decreed 5 Laws That Affects Your Life
Decreed 5 Laws That Affects Your Life Decreed 5 Laws That Affects Your Life

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