Geometry: A High School Course

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Then coordinates are introduced, allowing the authors to use algebraic arguments throughout the text. From there, the authors cover area, the Pythagorean Theorem, the distance formula, circles, perpendicular bisectors, triangles, polygons, and triangle congruence. Dilations are used to explain similarity.

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Volume formulas are derived for some standard figures. The authors present fascinating geometric arguments that enable them to obviate the need to use calculus to find some of the limits involved in the derivations. The book concludes with nonstandard topics, including vectors, the dot product, transformations, and isometries.

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This material is the greatest strength of the text, which concludes with a proof that any isometry can be expressed as the composition of at most three reflections. The writing is generally clear, but there are errors. In one proof, there is a triangle whose three vertices are actually collinear. The authors do not distinguish between the Angle-Side-Angle congruence postulate for triangles and the Angle-Angle-Side Theorem for congruence of triangles, arguing that since the sum of the measures of a triangle is always degrees, the measures of two angles of a triangle determine the third.

Where this causes problems is that when they express that triangles are congruent, corresponding vertices do not necessarily match, which can be confusing. The problems in the text are both interesting and tractable.

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The problems in the final section of the text and those listed as Additional Exercises are more challenging. There are no answers to the problems in the text. Lang and G. Murrow , written by Philip Carlson is available separately. Also, a problem involving similar triangles and another that hinges on the Side-Angle-Side congruence postulate for triangles are introduced before the relevant topics. I recommend using this text as a supplement to a standard course. That way you will be familiar with standard terminology and notation.

You will also know what a standard course covers and the usual way in which the theorems are proved. That will help you appreciate the nonstandard material covered in this text and the alternative proofs that are presented. Moise and Floyd L. Downs, Jr. That text, which is known for its challenging problems, is comprehensive enough to cover both the material in a standard course and much of the nonstandard material in this text. I found this treatment to be an excellent introduction to geometry for students without much mathematical background. Students are taught how to think logically, but are not forced into the cookie cutter mold proof style that so many geometry courses use.

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I especially like that he introduces much of the interesting material as experiments and exercises so that the students get to discover geometry for themselves. Although the book's approach is good, it omits a lot of theorems, mostly those involving circles.

The book emphasizes too much coordinate geometry. I recommend this book for self-study, but it is clearly not intended to be a textbook to cover all the material in a standard high school geometry course. With clear illustrations and diagrams to aid in many important proofs and excercises,this book far surpasses Cliff Notes!

Format: Kindle Edition. I teach Geometry with this book, and initially one of the reasons I wanted the Kindle was so that I could download this book. I downloaded the sample not longer after getting my Kindle, but I wasn't ready to pay the price for a number of reasons. Now the Kindle version costs what I can get the hardcover for.

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Geometry: A High School Course

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Geometry: A High School Course
Geometry: A High School Course
Geometry: A High School Course
Geometry: A High School Course
Geometry: A High School Course
Geometry: A High School Course
Geometry: A High School Course
Geometry: A High School Course

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