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I think all hockey moms should have one of these. Unfortunately, I had to purchase it for myself. I look forward to wearing it once hockey season starts!! Definitely will look good with my jersey when I head to my son's games!!! Thanks again! Best of luck! My mom loved it!

This bracelet was exactly what the picture showed! I ordered the "sister" charm bracelet. I love that it is made in the USA and one of the little charms also says made with love! I needed it the next day by 5pm and it said it may be delivered by 8pm. Low and behold I heard the truck around 3pm and I was elated!

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Thank you! Only 12 left in stock - order soon. They are a little on the heavy side, so they pull on your ears. Only 3 left in stock more on the way. It is obvious that despite the fact that author, Julie Bertuzzi is married to NHL player Todd Bertuzzi she is not just a stuck-up rich girl. No one who wasn't a Hockey Mom herself would be able to describe so succinctly the various types of Hockey Moms that exist.

The book is illustrated by Anthony Jenkins who has perfectly captured the style and idiosyncrasies of the different types of Hockey Moms. His illustrations make this book complete.


I laughed out loud a couple times while reading this book and even snorted a few times. I have met every single one of Great present for someone who loves hockey.

1. Be completely dedicated to your child’s passion (not your own)

You say, sure, you can get them, then forget until next weekend when the begging begins anew. The more daring hockey moms: siv, siv, siv!

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Behind every crazy hockey mom is a hockey player who just loves the sport. We watch and we love watching because they are at their happiest on the ice. They thrive with sticks in their hands and teammates by their side.

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They are miserable if a game gets cancelled, and god forbid they ever get sick or hurt. They never want to miss a second of ice time. And so, we hand our children over to the ice- to their coaches and the refs and their fifteen or so teammates. We watch them grow and learn, win and lose, cry and laugh, pass, score, and sit in the penalty box. We hand them over knowing that the lessons of each practice and game are powerful and lifelong.

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And we watch with cold hands and warm hearts from the sidelines as our children embrace their glory days, make memories that will last a lifetime. We are just along for the ride, even if it does start at 4 a. Learn more and join us! Because we're all in this together.

Hockey Mom (Killer Moms, #2) by Eve Langlais

Join Us! Log in Edit Profile Log Out. Are you a hockey mom? You Embrace the Stench Only a hockey mom can fully understand the aroma that lingers from the hockey bag. Your Trunk is Full From October through March, your car trunk is full of blankets, extra sticks, snacks and random pucks. You Are a Rink Connoisseur You know your rinks.

Hockey Mom Hockey Mom
Hockey Mom Hockey Mom
Hockey Mom Hockey Mom
Hockey Mom Hockey Mom
Hockey Mom Hockey Mom
Hockey Mom Hockey Mom

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