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As such, it is in a very small class of beds that allow you to try out two firmness levels in a matter of seconds. The flippable feature is a major advantage, in our eyes, to the Layla mattress.

The main support structure for the bed is a 4. This is the firmer side of the mattress because there is less memory foam between you and the support core. This acts as a transition layer to soften up the mattress. As you might have guessed, this is the softer side of the mattress. In early , the Layla mattress got a major overhaul. In previous models, you had to remove the cover, flip the bed, and the put the cover back on to try out both the Soft and Firm side.


Not anymore—all you need to do now is flip the bed and lay down. We really like the new system. Getting back to the copper-infused memory foam for a second, though. In addition to its cooling benefits, copper was used in the mattress because of some old folklore.

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Apparently, the Ancient Egyptians thought copper released positive ions, and they would wear it in their garments to promote health and wellness. Any mattress that you buy should have this certification.

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It also has a thermoGEL cooling agent woven in to help reduce heat buildup. We really like the look of the Layla cover , with its geometric grey pattern. In fact, we sort of hate putting sheets on the mattress because the cover is just so cool and unique. To make things much simpler, we recommend not even removing the cover if you have a spill. Just mix some warm water and mild soap and spot clean the area.


In any event, mattress protectors are usually breathable and washable, but also completely waterproof. In prior models of the Layla mattress, both sides of the bed were pretty soft. We put it at about a medium to medium-firm on our firmness scale, and the softer side to be about a medium-soft. Basically, you have a choice between a soft side and a slightly firm side.

Given that Layla uses quite a bit of memory foam, naturally, it has a memory foam feel , on both sides, but more so on the Soft side. It offers great pressure relief, but still responds back relatively quickly , at least on the Firm side. Side sleepers need a soft mattress that will be pressure relieving enough for their hips and shoulders. Layla does a good job of being accepting of curves, instead of fighting against them.

The bed is made for individuals weighing under lb. We think this bed is a great option for children and teens, especially if they love the feel of soft memory foam.

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We also think this bed is a nice option for pregnant women, who need to sleep on their sides once they start showing. Not really. This is because it uses copper-infused memory foam, which helps to pull heat away from the body. Remember that a lot goes into how hot or cold you perceive a bed to be. For instance, your sheets play a major role, despite the fact that most people want to blame their mattress. Also, your pajamas are key—the less you have on, the cooler you will sleep.

Room temperature is also obviously important. The reason we bring this up is that while a mattress plays a role in temperature regulation, there are other factors that you should consider as well. Depends how you and your partner tend to sleep. With the Layla mattress, the edge support is good on the Firm side and ok on the Soft side.

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To be fair to Layla, in a lot of our mattress reviews —particularly for foam beds—we complain about edge support. It tends to be just average on a lot of all-foam beds with, perhaps, the exception of Nest Alexander Signature Series and a few others. Layla is so good at motion isolation, however, we put it on our list of the best mattresses for light sleepers. Layla is a great all types of sleepers who want a softer memory foam mattress. Plus, it has the added benefit of being double-sided and flippable , so you have two chances to get things right with Layla.

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  • All-in-all, we really like the Layla mattress, especially the updated version. See More. Layla might not be the only flippable mattress sold online, but it very well could be the most popular. Plank — This is a firm mattress. Plank is designed for people that want a minimalist mattress that has a truly firm feel to it.

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    On one side is a firm surface and the other, a slightly less firm surface. They make several that are double-sided, including a hybrid, all-foam, air bed, and latex hybrid model. This can be a soft mattress or a somewhat firm mattress depending on which side you have facing up. Even so, Spindle is one of the most affordable latex mattresses out there.

    It has a truly firm side and medium-firm side. Keep in mind, latex mattresses are on the pricier end. Skip to content.

    The Puffin Review Read full review. Five stars.

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    A good read for book groups. An authentic work of modern feminism. The List Read full review. AlleyHope Read full review. Gritty and visceral Judging Covers Read full review. Scots Whay Hae! Read full review. Bookgroup Info Read full review. De La Mer has a significant talent when it comes to the language her characters use, they become whole and either beloved or detestable in moments; we get that first impression feeling with them all.

    This is what holds this tale in place, a believability and an unwavering commitment to bringing a humanity to Layla that remains throughout. A must read. The Puffin Review 'Adopting a second person perspective, de la Mer captures perfectly the detachment and alienation Hayleigh feels at the world she inhabits. Fatally flawed, self-loathing, and yet aware of her shortcomings, Hayleigh's humanity shines through, her trials possess real meaning, and you yearn for her to succeed. Wider social commentary is also handled deftly by de la Mer.

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