Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)

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Writing Away Her Worries
The Power of a Mother's Faith - Dr Tony Evans - The Alternative

His honesty with his sources invites honesty in his readership, too. By telling the stories of mothers of faith in the Christian tradition that have experienced slavery, alcoholism, all manner of oppression, and despair, Sumani affirms that mothers today experience these things, too, and offers them an honest hope amidst their own narratives.

Mustard Seed Market a leap for faith for mother-daughter team

In his closing chapters, he addresses motherhood in theological language, especially as used in reference to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Earth. Wilfred M. Please read our policy on commenting. All Rights Reserved. ISSN X.

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The Emperor Hadrian did not share the majority view that Christianity was a harmless form of worship practised by patriotic Romans, but looked upon them as enemies of the state whose Kingdom of Heaven sought to displace his authority. He instituted a sweeping wave of persecution with an army of operatives infiltrating all sections of the city, spinning a giant web which caught up with Sophia and her children.

Not even the most hardened pagans anticipated that three girls, aged twelve, ten and nine respectively, would be punished for what could be construed as the offense of the mother. The magistrate Antiochos on the other hand saw in the arrest of the entire family an opportunity to wrest from the mother a disavowal of Christ rather than allow her flesh and blood to be punished. Sophia and her three daughters appeared as a group before the judgment of the pagan court which offered to release the entire family providing that the mother would deny the Saviour and raise her children as pagans.

O Woman, Great Is Your Faith!

All three daughters looked up to their mother to assure her that they would remain as steadfast Christians with her and that she should feel no guilt should they be put to death. The agonised Sophia was torn between the love for her children and the love for Jesus Christ.

She turned to the court to plead that her children be released, and they could inflict their tortures upon her. In a chorus of small voices that would have melted the hardest of hearts, the youngsters cried out to their mother that they would rather join her in death to be reunited in the Kingdom of God than to remain behind without her.

Sophia's glance at the magistrate told her the next move was his. Incredibly the magistrate was unmoved and ordered the first of the girls, Faith, to be put to torture before the eyes of her mother. When this failed to bring the mother to pleas for mercy but instead the praises of the Lord, Faith was put to the sword.

Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith) Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)
Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith) Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)
Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith) Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)
Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith) Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)
Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith) Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)
Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith) Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)
Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith) Mother of Faith (Daughters of Faith)

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