Sales and Marketing Strategies: BUS 521 a Masters Course

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When deciding whether to apply, interested students should know that the average GPA of accepted students hovers around 3. Evaluate alternative courses of action from an economic, legal and ethical perspective to ensure management meets corporate responsibilities to create wealth, obey the law and observe society's ethical standards. Examine the key elements of effective corporate governance, the predominate schools of ethical thought in relation to strategic management and the ethical consideration for global operations.

This course explores how business leaders can apply statistical thinking to improving business process and performance. The course presents concepts related to statistical thinking with a business environment, statistical tool and techniques and formalized statistical methods. Apply the major elements of the marketing process, including domestic and foreign market assessment, strategic planning and the development of an effective marketing mix product, price, promotion and distribution to create customer value.

Many talents can lead to success. The ability to lead — to inspire, to convince — makes a person stand out.

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Leadership comes first. Our MBA program and management concentration gives you a chance to review fundamental management principles and their function in modern management environments. Discuss strategies that allow you to optimize seemingly straightforward management tasks like planning, organization, and delegation — tasks that make or break the productivity, happiness, and well-being of your team. Learn how HR ties into your projects and goals. See how processes created by successful entrepreneurs can be harnessed for your own business success.

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Great leaders are made, not born. Strayer University is proud to make great leaders. You may want to explore these other Master of Business Administration concentrations. Master of Business Administration. You consent to receive autodialed marketing calls or text messages from Strayer University and partner school, Capella University, at the phone number you provided.

Degree Level Desired. Program of Interest. Military Affiliation No Yes. Students develop a foundation of applied accounting research and skills in handling application issues.

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The course examines strategies and decision making as they relate to the design and implementation of marketing programs and the marketing mix. The critical role of marketing in strategic planning will be explored, as well as important international and ethical issues. Topics covered include gathering market and competitive intelligence; opportunity analysis; segmenting, targeting and positioning strategies; the role of marketing research; the new product development process; understanding consumer and business behavior; and developing integrated marketing communications.

The course also studies emerging trends in both theory and business marketing practices. Core Course.

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Prerequisite: MKT The foundations, realities, and challenges of the discipline are examined. Topics include motivation, team building, group dynamics, leadership, communication, decision-making, power and politics, negotiation and conflict management. Interpersonal and multicultural skills will be incorporated into the micro and macro perspectives of the course to help the graduate student operate effectively in a global environment. Prerequisite: BUS Students will discuss current business ethics issues such as executive compensation, corporate social responsibility, and the challenges business managers face from all constituencies - shareholders, employees, communities, environmental interests, and similarly situated groups.

Students work with real-life examples to interpret statistical distributions, understand hypothesis testing and evaluate reliability. Learners consider the common developmental needs of workers at different stages of their careers and the role of staff development and training within the context of total organizational development. Readings, case analyses, and group discussion are integral to this experience. Emphasizes federal and state equal employment law, compensation and benefits law, legal termination practices and labor relations.

Learning is based on readings, interactive discussions about the practical applications of legal theory, and a major research paper. Evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of different methods and reinforces the importance of integration with corporate management strategy. Uses readings, case analyses, and experiential activities to examine different elements of performance management.

Included are an exploration of the total returns for work, including cash compensation and benefits, and such relational returns as recognition and status, employment security, challenging work and learning opportunities. Special focus will be given to the selection, development and implementation of appropriate compensation strategies, given the external environmental influences and realistic internal resource constraints with which today's organizations must cope.

Students develop strategies as they study historical and present day leaders and followers whose unethical, immoral or incompetent behaviors have damanged lives and organizations. Emphasizes the role of women leaders, deciphering the code of the workplace, and confronting female collusion in silencing women's ways of knowing. Often cross-listed with undergraduates to promote cross-generational mentorying.

Develops lateral leadership skills that are becoming more important in our networked world and flattened organizations because influencing others occurs across a broad range of positional leadership settings. Students will learn a marketing strategy decision making process which takes full advantage of secondary data resources. Case studies, in-class discussions and a semester-long project provide students with an opportunity to design marketing strategies utilizing marketing principles, descriptive statistics, competitive information and management functions such as analysis planning, implementation and control.

Prerequisite: BUS or permission of department chair. Leading change is a complex, long-term and challenging endeavor and a central process in the practice of leadership. Change is studied at every level, individual, organizational and societal, through a contextual lens.

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The key issues of changing behaviors, getting the rational mind and emotional mind to work together, overcoming resistance to change, and the role of leaders in the process will be important themes. Key concepts will be reinforced through lectures, discussions, case studies, jeopardy games, post-test reviews and issues related to Human Resources. Upon completion of this course, you will receive 3 graduate credits, if applicable, as well as a certificate of completion from the Society for Human Resources Management SHRM.

Each student will develop and submit a semester-long project proposal to be carried out in her or his social or business community requiring personal leadership responsibilities. Once the project proposal is approved, the student will carry out the project supported by an appropriate professionally-trained volunteer coach and the Program Director. The course will conclude with a reflective assessment of the student's leadership of the project and the lessons learned therefrom to be applied in future leadership opportunities. Project managers as well as others interested in project management gain tools to add the appropriate level of structure and rigor to their own practice.

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Includes planning,scheduling, organizing and implementing projects with an emphasis on the project management process and tools used in project management. Online learning experience.

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Prerequisite: Willingness to learn the basics of Microsoft Project. It is designed to provide the advanced knowledge required to develop, analyze and change a project plan, determine risk and allocate the necessary resources to effectively manage and complete a project in a simulated environment. Prerequisites: BUS Provides the knowledge required to cost a project, develop a project plan, and allocate the necessary resources to manage a project.

Supply chain management is a major focus. Expands the conversation on and identifies methods for reducing and mitigating risks.

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Assists project managers in developing, training, and managing both high performing process improvement teams working on complex projects. Learners develop a variety of planning documents to enhance ability of the project team to anticipate, meet, and possibly exceed customers' expectations. Leading strategically means much more than strategic planning--it means taking a broad holistic and socially just view, identifying and analyzing competing interests, communicating effectively, and rapidly making mid-course corrections. This class takes a multi-disciplinary approach to strategic planning, communication, and implementation, drawing on ideas from the social sciences, leadership and management studies, and social justice and sustainability models.

The nature, scope and design of the project, as well as the schedule of pre-arranged meetings, are contracted individually between the faculty member and the learner.

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Perquisite: Permission of the instructor and the chair of the business and economics department. Examines how interactions among consumers, businesses, government and the rest of the world impact economic growth, inflation, unemployment and business cycles. Investigates the impact of monetary and fiscal policies on the overall performance of the economy. Fulfills general education requirement in social science. Considers the behavior of producers and consumers under various competitive conditions.

Sales and Marketing Strategies: BUS 521 a Masters Course Sales and Marketing Strategies: BUS 521 a Masters Course
Sales and Marketing Strategies: BUS 521 a Masters Course Sales and Marketing Strategies: BUS 521 a Masters Course
Sales and Marketing Strategies: BUS 521 a Masters Course Sales and Marketing Strategies: BUS 521 a Masters Course
Sales and Marketing Strategies: BUS 521 a Masters Course Sales and Marketing Strategies: BUS 521 a Masters Course
Sales and Marketing Strategies: BUS 521 a Masters Course Sales and Marketing Strategies: BUS 521 a Masters Course

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