The Incredible Achievements of Boring John

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So, as an SME owner, if you were to sell the business, what would you spend your money on? Steering clear of boring investments and getting the keys to his sought-after French Villa was the key for Gordon McAlpine. When it comes to life after exit, we caught up with a handful of entrepreneurs who made that very choice to sell the business to find out how they spent their hard-earned money. Company: BigHand, a tech startup that specialised in speech recognition. For Gordon McAlpine, his choice to sell tech business BigHand in meant he could realise a new dream — buying a French villa in the south of the country.

Slack Is Boring. Its Direct Listing Was Exciting.

You can change your settings at any time at the bottom of this page by reviewing our cookie policy. Forgot your password? Get Yours Now. The difficulty she went through was tough because she previously learned everything at high speed. Thankfully, we've been using Sonlight since kindergarten, and that has proven to be a successful choice.

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She never stopped loving to learn and was so excited to have read her first chapter book, Pippi Longstocking. Thanks for making it easy on families when life gets hard. Our first year homeschooling, we tried one that didn't fit our family. Then someone suggested Sonlight and I knew this would be the one for our family. We have discovered so many amazing new books that we never would have sought out on our own. As a teacher, I love having it all mapped out and then we can just customize it to our timeline.

I've never gone wrong with one of their suggestions, whether we're using a full package or just a select few books. Use sonlightstories on social media to share your thoughts and photos.

Consistency in Business

Or log in to your account on sonlight. Sonlight Curriculum is unique compared to most other homeschooling companies because we include so much high-quality literature in our homeschool curriculum. Where others choose to rely on textbooks and other educational media, we opt for great books and delightful stories that will capture children's imaginations and instruct them at the same time. But why would we choose to rely on literature instead of other "tried-and-true" materials? Is literature really all that much better? We believe a literature-rich homeschool curriculum is ideal for a homeschooling environment because:.

One of the most famous lines from the classic movie Mary Poppins was, "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. That's how we feel about literature. It takes valuable information and knowledge — that may be rather bland on its own — and wraps it up in an "easy-to-swallow" story.

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Think back to your childhood for a moment. Do you remember the books your mother and father read to you? Do you remember the books you read by yourself, after you "graduated" from read-aloud time? Nonfiction books about dinosaurs, airplanes, and horses Can you picture them If you answered yes, I'm not surprised. Most of us remember in vivid detail many of our favorite childhood books. In fact, it's not at all uncommon for us to want our kids to read the same books we read as children. In those books you read as a child, you gained valuable insights, practical information, exposure to various cultures, and a desire to acquire — or avoid — certain character qualities.

There was literally a world of knowledge and experience right at your fingertips. And you wanted to enter that world Facts and figures devoid of context are difficult to remember. That's why a lot of memory systems rely on mnemonics and other memory tricks to memorize raw data. But put those same facts and figures into a story — give them context — and all of a sudden, it's easy to remember the information! Stories serve as anchors for facts and figures that would otherwise be lost in the great sea of information in your mind. Many parents struggle to get their kids to talk to them. But when you use literature as the foundation of your homeschool curriculum, you'll find it's much easier to spark conversations.

Good conversations. Significant conversations. When you use a literature-rich homeschool program like Sonlight Curriculum, you'll read aloud to your children.

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As you do, your children will ask questions about the story, about the characters, about words they may not have encountered before. You'll have a chance to reply to your children's questions. And from time to time you may find that your children's questions lead to entire conversations — the kind of conversations that will shape their thoughts and values. When your children read on their own, you'll find it quite common for them to initiate conversation with you without being prompted Especially good stories.

But even if your children don't initiate a conversation with you, the Sonlight Study Guides provide plenty of great discussion questions to help you along. Sonlight gives us a platform in which to explore and discuss the world in light of our beliefs. My kids are learning how to think critically and logically by reading all kinds of books and discussing all kinds of issues with us. Sonlight has become more than a curriculum. It is part of our lifestyle. Interaction with your children is vital to their education.

And literature, more than any other educational medium, encourages this interaction. I started this article with a comment about how most homeschoolers seem to rely on "textbooks and other educational media. Why would I ever think I could do better by using historical novels, biographies and discovery books? Lots of Information in a Small Space While textbooks cram lots of information in a relatively small space, 1 they're not nearly as effective as great literature in their ability to interest children in the subjects they discuss and to get them excited about learning.

Take this excerpt from a "popular" 2 seventh grade American history textbook, for example:. The shot heard 'round the world. On the morning of April 19, , the first shots of the War for Independence sometimes called the Revolutionary War were fired at Lexington, Massachusetts. It is not known for sure who fired the first shot, but it was a shot heard 'round the world, for it was to change the course of human history. After killing eight Americans and wounding ten others at Lexington, the British marched on to Concord, destroying the military supplies stored there. The Battle of Lexington and Concord was not quite over, however.

As the British troops headed back to Boston, patriots fired on them from behind trees, shrubs, and barns. Although 93 Americans died that day, the British lost men. For a brief moment in history, little Massachusetts stood alone against one of the great empires of the world. The Second Continental Congress. John Hancock was elected president. The assembled representatives of the American people decided emphatically that they would fight.

The Continental Army was established, a call was issued to the colonies to raise troops and funds, and George Washington , who had distinguished himself as a lieutenant colonel in the French and Indian War, was appointed commander-in-chief. A bit boring , wouldn't you agree? A bit overwhelming? Amongst this fire hose spray of information, which names, which dates, which statistics is the reader supposed to carry away? Boring, Overwhelming, Useless Surprisingly, little else is said about the Revolutionary War in this particular textbook.

We are given four more dense paragraphs in which we read a climactic statement that falls flat, despite its effort to excite the reader:.

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The Incredible Achievements of Boring John The Incredible Achievements of Boring John
The Incredible Achievements of Boring John The Incredible Achievements of Boring John
The Incredible Achievements of Boring John The Incredible Achievements of Boring John
The Incredible Achievements of Boring John The Incredible Achievements of Boring John
The Incredible Achievements of Boring John The Incredible Achievements of Boring John

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