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Next Map? Yuimuu , Nov 11, at AM. Duqo Nov 12, at PM. Replies: 26 Views: Players must find a key by opening the numerous crates in the arena. However, only five crates can be opened. Once five crates have been opened and no key is found, the player fails the event. There are 16 crates arranged in a 4x4 grid. Some crates may also contain chickens. The player must cross from one side of the arena to the other by jumping on the crates. However, some of the crates are weak and will break when you jump on them. If one of the weak crates is jumped on, the player fails the event. It is currently unknown exactly how many of the crates in each game are weak, and so there is no accurate statistic of how often this game may be completed.

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There are several current suggestions for possible odds here:. In addition, success is not affected by the Surefooted aura.

The player is shown a number between 1 and 9. The player must then guess whether the next number is higher or lower than the number being shown. The player must guess correctly 6 times in a row to win.

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The optimal strategy is to guess 'Higher' if the number is below 5, and to guess 'Lower' if the number is above 5. If the number is 5, it does not matter what you guess.

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Following this optimal strategy, the odds of winning are approximately The player must avoid falling rocks for approximately 40 seconds. As with most of the other minigames, this is mostly a game of chance, although there is a small amount of time to run away from falling rocks just before the larger rocks fall. The best way to play this game is to keep running. The only way to be sure of this is by clicking the minimap before you end your end point of the previous click.

Also keep an eye on the areas with the most walking space, since you have a smaller chance to end up standing still there. A sheep has eaten a key. The player must find the key by punching the numerous sheep in the arena. However, only 5 of the 14 sheep can be punched. If the player punches five sheep and no key is found, the player fails the event; otherwise, the player succeeds.

Given the player's capacity to choose only five of the sheep, and assuming that each sheep is equally likely to hold the key, they have a Lady goes to retrieve a video tape from her house before leaving. Meanwhile, Jake is then shown humming and singing inside the pit. He sings a catchy love song then forms his hand into a picture of Lady, though it needs some adjusting to get her face and hair right.

Jake gets up and offers to be friends and the creature agrees since it has never had a friend. It says that their species spends their first 12 years sleeping and that it just woke up today.

Just then, it walks into the force field shielding the toilet and food and is vaporized, leaving behind only its shell. Jake picks up and stares at the empty shell in disbelief before pretending that it is still sleeping. Lady then arrives at Finn's place with the videotape.

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It turns out to be an old video of Joshua exploring a cavern in the Underground Grassland complex. Finn frantically shields his eyes from the disturbing image and pleads for BMO to skip Jake's parts. He then explains how if he links it with his own tablet, it should create a portal to Kee-Oth's dimension. Joshua is again cut off by a different video, where Jake is filming BMO and Shelby re-enact a scene from Heat Signature 2 though when it is Shelby's turn to speak, he forgets his lines and instead calls, "Check please?

Music | A Shell in the Pit

Just then, another clip of Jake plays. This time, he is in the bathroom wearing a towel around his waist, where he is smooth talking about how he needs a bath, and strips himself of the towel. Finn and Lady freak out from disgust and embarrassment respectively. In the Broke-up Dimension, Kee-Oth is angry and tired of watching Jake stand in the pit feeling no pain.

Kee-Oth claims how in the old days Joshua would have been trying to strangle him at this point back. Jake finally tells him that he is not Joshua and that Joshua is his deceased dad. Kee-Oth taunts Jake, telling Jake to beat him up like his dead dad would have, but Jake only questions why he is asking to be beat-up. Kee-Oth only gets angrier, so he throws a girl-dog named Samantha into the pit with Jake and makes them fight so that Jake will finally suffer.

Samantha goes on about how she has not seen a man-dog in years, but Jake warns her that as much as he admires her smooth talking, he already has a girlfriend. Jake tells her that they don't need to fight because he knew Finn would be there any minute to rescue them, but Samantha proceeds with fighting instead. When Jake agrees, she easily dominates him due to his lack of blood and energy.

The Pit The Pit
The Pit The Pit
The Pit The Pit
The Pit The Pit
The Pit The Pit
The Pit The Pit

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