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Mind Vortex GB Artist. Sometimes all it takes is one tune.

_Hastur_​-​_Infernal Vortex (175 Bpm)

One tune and that's it: your life will never be the same again. The shamanic state it left them in even influenced their name: Mind Vortex.

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Classically trained musicians, Laurie on the clarinet and saxophone, Stef on the piano, the pair both dropped out of their jazz bands the following day. Picking up old bits of hardware and whatever software they could afford, the duo spent the following six years chiselling their craft.

Soaking up influences far and wide; soul, jazz, funk and classical were all added to the menu as the pair munched through music, digging deep to understand what made certain tracks so powerful and all the best hooks come with that tangible sense of magic. They wrote a wishlist of labels they wanted to work with.

the giant, swirling vortex of evil in conners kidney

Ram was top of that list, so they picked up the phone. Ram instantly recognised Laurie and Stefan's talents and, after a debut on Plush Recordings, signed them exclusively. Please be sure and share this Vortex with any friends or family you have who are stuck in the Church of Nice. For the record, the term refers to the dogmatic teaching of the Church that Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, is truly, substantially and really present — Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity under the appearance of bread and wine.

Let's present Bernardin first, since so much is known about McCarrick's evil already.

Bernardin was a homosexual predator. That is a monumental charge coming from the same man who they gave plenty of ink to last summer when he came forward about McCarrick abusing him for years, starting when he was Why was he so credible then, but can be completely ignored now? Well, Church Militant hasn't ignored him.

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  • In fact, we challenge the bishop lap-dog media types to reach out to him and do their own interviews. And why not? The priests of the Old Testament did not face the people.

    Arida Vortex - Evil Sorcery (, CD) | Discogs

    They offered sacrifices to God facing the God the sacrifice was being made to. That was the goal. And here's what you need to bear in mind. All that distortion still rules the day in seminaries all over the country.

    Dark Vortex

    The Real Presence is given lip service, sometimes, but then nearly every action and practice surrounding it turns around and de-emphasizes it. No actual restoration of the Church can be accomplished on any significant scale until the truth of who and what was done is understood and admitted.

    These two men have brought a spiritual wrecking ball to the Church in the United States and almost completely destroyed it.

    You should, because once you are exposed to the truth, you are, from that moment on, accountable. None of that is Catholic. Time for people to know. Turn the altars back around. Get the women out of the sanctuary. Toss out the eucharistic ministers.



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